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Networking Wired or Wireless

Networking of computers, printers and drives is a great way to make information, printers or devices accessible to other users on your network.  Home networking begins when a router or network switch is installed to help you connect your devices.  Your Internet provider may have placed a device in your home called a modem (cable or DSL modems are popular types of these devices). The modem itself usually is not able to network to connect your devices or computers, unless your provided has sold you a specific unit to do so.  A good routert may cost you additional money per month for usage but usually it is well worth it.  In many cases, it is less costly and more efficient to purchase your own unit.  We can help you get the correct unit for your setup, and to connect your network up securely so that others do not have access.  Although most setups are wireless today, many businesses still use wired systems because they connect to other networks using their business software.  Wired networks are more reliable and can be faster than wired networks and can be made more secure than wireless ones.  For certain business applications wired networks may be preferred over wireless ones.  For nearly all home networks a wireless setup is preferred over a wired one.  In any case, we can help you setup your wired or wireless network.  Having network issues, please see our network troubleshooting page.