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Free Virus Removal, System Cleaner and Registry Cleaner Software

Did you know that there are some very good virus removal, system cleaning and registry cleaning software products available for free that you may use to keep your system running fast? The problem with most people attempting to use such software is that they do not know which programs are good and which ones are actually phishing schemes or Trojans.  Those hoping to acquire personal information from you will go to great lengths to get that information.  You may be easily tricked into inadvertently installing phishing software or viruses on to your computer.  These individuals will create bogus software and try to get you to install it.  It looks very real and sometimes only a computer expert may be able to distinguish the good software from the bad software.  What usually happens is that what looks like a good program to install on your computer to help prevent problems is actually a virus. The software promises to rid all your "problems" so long as you pay for the product. The truth is that the product is bogus and you may not even have had any problems, but the software will tell you that you do and that you must purchase the software to complete the removal or the viruses.  YOU ARE GETTING PLAYED!  Never provide your personal or credit card information when this situation arises.  Call us and we will advise you what to do, remove the bad software and install good products.