NetVision Technologies - Computer Services
Data Recovery / Data Transfer

Data Recovery services usually focus on retrieving lost data from hard drives or other media devices.  You may have "lost" something or accidentally deleted something on your computer that you want to get back or your home or business computer has stopped working and you want to get the data off the device to save, backup or transfer the information to any computer or device.  We have recovered data off computers that have gone through fires, crashed hard drives and accidental deletion of files.  We can help you recover information that you thought was irretrievably gone.  Once we get your "lost" data we can help you transfer it to a device or media where it can be safe again.

Data Transfer may also be simply transferring your data from one computer to another when you upgrade a computer.  These types of simple transfers are usually part of our computer setup services.  In any case, there is no need to panic if you believe you have lost some data forever, it is best to contact us as soon as possible before attempting retrieval on your own.  Time is of importance when data lose occurs since using your computer after data "loss" may actually cause the data to become irretrievable.