NetVision Technologies - Computer Services
Computer Tune Ups

We examine your computer hard drive for the presence of files that are bottlenecking the performance of your system.  Sometimes there are corrupted files and possibly disk corruptions that can slow down your computer considerably.  Often there are many temproary files and registry errors that accumulate to hinder hard disk performance. This service if often combined with our virus, spyware and malware removal since it may be the case that a computer's poor performance is not solely caused by a virus or malware. More often than not, disk and file corruptions, registry errors and temporary files have caused a severe slowdown in performance. We also perform a system check of fans and cable connections as well as blow out the dust and debris off hardware.  It is important to keep dust and debris off of computer components since they insulate heat and prevent the normal dispersion of heat off of the motherboard and other components.  Frequently, overheating of a motherboard or other parts usually will cause those components to fail.  Keeping the inside of your computer clean is important to prevent overheating.