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Computer Setups

You may have just purchased a new computer and are wondering how the computer will work with your printer, scanner or other devices. How will my data appear or get transferred over to the new system?

We can move all of your information over to your new machine, including email, photos, videos and all your personal files. The transfer makes it easy to start working from your new computer in short time.  We configure all your devices to work with your new system so that you can get back to business as usual. We will help tweak any problems that might arise and either make them go away or provide a workable solution for you.

We have found that similar services offered by 'big box" stores (Staples, Best Buy, Office Depot, etc..) fall short in many ways of a "true" computer setup.  Usually, you must "make do" with their work rather than having it all explained and worked out for you. Computer Setups are usually a combination of services including data backup and transfer, software installations, printer installations and sometimes additonal networking.  We do them all.